Scenic Tours

New Hampshire charms visitors with jagged mountains, scenic valleys and forest-lined lakes.  Each season yields a bounty of adrenaline and activity: skiing and snowshoeing in winter, magnificent walks and drives through autumn's fiery colors, and swimming in crisp mountain streams and berry-picking in summer.

Wine Tours

New Hampshire has become one of the world's premier cool climate wine regions. Cool climate wines of consistently high quality are among some of the worlds best. Learn the basics of vineyard management, wine making and wine tasting.

Food Tours

The culinary center of New Hampshire is both diverse and cutting edge. Discover the secrets to having the ultimate food and cultural experience off the beaten path. It's ideal for foodies and the people who love them.

Ghost Tours

Discover New Hampshire's most haunted cities, filled with ghostly spirits, haunted houses, and eerie graveyards during a spine chilling guided tour.  Learn historically documented ghost tales and see what lurks along the back streets and alleys of this haunted area. 

Brewery Tours

Let us bring you exclusive access to the best breweries in and around Southern New Hampshire.  Our close relationships with the local breweries ensure exclusive VIP access.